Vancouver VoIP Telecommunications

There are so many technical terms used these days that it is sometimes confusing to know what they actually mean. Here are a few terms that ETC Telecom believes can help answer your questions.

What does VoIP mean?

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”.  Anytime a conversation is translated into data packets and sent over a network (e.g. your office network, the Internet or both) you are using VoIP.

Does your Vancouver business need VoIP?

If your Vancouver office has traditional phone lines and you need a new phone system, a system such as the Allworx Connect VoIP servers, that ETC Telecom carries, can connect to your lines and allow a seamless transition to VoIP lines at any time in the future. Support for both traditional and VoIP lines means a transition can be accomplished with no interruption to your business day.

If you want to have staff work from home and have them be part of the office phone system, this is where VoIP can be most useful for small business.  ETC Telecom has been installing remote VoIP telephones in the Vancouver area for over a decade so we have the expertise to assist with whatever telecommunication needs your business may require.

What is the difference between “Premise-based” and “Hosted” VoIP systems?

A premise-based VoIP system is one where the entire phone system (both phones and server) are located in your local office. With a Hosted VoIP phone system, only the phones are located in your office while the server is located in a data center which has a connection to the public telephone network. Both options have their advantages; let ETC Telecom help you decide which option is best for your business.