ETC Telecom Products

Allworx Connect VoIP Servers are customizable for any business. Allworx’ unlimited call routing options make it the perfect choice for businesses that have mobile workforces with a need for flexible workspace. More on Allworx

ETC Telecom offers both premise-based and hosted solutions for your office communications. There is now some crossover between the two. Features that were only available with premise-based are now available with hosted and vice versa. However, if you have:

1. multiple businesses sharing the same premises and office infrastructure; and/or
2. different call routing needs for different times of day or date, or you need to easily change how calls are routed; and/or
3. staff that need to have the full feature set of an office phone system on a PC, in or out of the office without a desk telephone,

then our Allworx premise-based solution will fit the bill when many hosted solutions cannot.

Yealink and Jabra offer wired and wireless headset solutions for any size office, as well as various products for the mobile user. ETC can make certain that your headset solution works with all of your communications devices. More on Yealink More on Jabra