3CX Web Client Communications Server

With ongoing changes in the industry, ETC Telecom has chosen to partner with 3CX, a company founded in 2005, to offer our customers a wider variety of options.

The 3CX platform can be set up locally either as a dedicated server or as a virtual machine in your data centre. A server can be as small as a deck of cards or up to a full rack-mounted PC, depending on your traffic requirements. 3CX can also be set up in the cloud with a provider of your choice such as Google, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web services; this gives you the advantages of hosted VoIP without a per-user monthly fee.

Once the 3CX system is installed, all of your users have access to the following:

3CX Communication Systems3CX software licensing is based on the number of concurrent calls required, rather than the number of users, so a large number of users can be connected very economically, especially if desk phones are not required.

Visit www.3CX.com for more details.